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Auto Sleep For Me Now

The most vanilla follower detect player auto sleep ever
Like my other “Sleep for me now” mod, “Auto Sleep for me now” is SKSE independent.
Triggered by Idling there are 2 scripts. One to Enter a sleep faction and one to exit sleep faction

If the player is laying down the follower will say something about sleeping then attempt to find a bed.
If the player is not laying down the follower will say something about sleeping then exit the faction and exit the bed if in one.

Since Its using Idles to detect if the player is sleeping the follower should be far enough away from the player as not to be saying “Yes?’, “Need something?”, “what do you need handsome” or “When you exhale I can see something flapping in your nostril”.

In my testing and on my computer and amount of mods running it takes 5 to 15 seconds for the follower to detect if the player is sleeping.

448 Custom dialogue voice lines created in xvasynth across 56 voicesets. This should cover almost every voice in the game.

“Are you already sleeping?”
“I could use some sleep too.”
“I wish I could sleep all day.”
“I guess it’s time to wake up.”
“I’m just thankful to be able to sleep under a roof.” – interiors
“Hmm, am I going to have to sleep with one eye open?” – exteriors
“Okay! Okay! I’m awake! I’m sorry. Are you ready to go?”
“I was so tired I don’t even remember falling asleep.”
“Yawn..” added some cute yawns for females that didn’t have any.

The condition is looking for NPCs to be Teammates or potential followers excluding animals all other NPCs will be ignored.

Also I named this mod file “SleepForMeNow.esp” so you can hot-swap em out in case you are using my other mod.

And in case you don’t know the mod I’m using to be able lay down w/ out initiating the sleep slider immediately is Go To Bed.

Had a few requests so, I added a follower Sleep of the ordained faction. So now you have to designate which followers will be utilized by this mod by choosing “I’d like you to sleep when I sleep.” or “Be vigilant and stay sharp while I sleep.” meaning me and my favorite followers are going to have some zzz’s and you try and stay up to protect us. Needless to say no need to blacklist Serana anymore. She may even be able to sleep outside now that you can turn it on and off per follower. I don’t know I haven’t tested her or the Serana dialogue addon to know.

So you can visualize the unit of measure I will refer to distance as male Nord corpses laying head to toe from this point forward. Those followers graced enough to be authorized to enjoy the ability to sleep are summoned from as far as 16 corpses away in all directions from the player when the player lays down. At a 4 corpse radius around the player the follower will start looking for something to sleep on. If nothing is found they will hover menacingly over the player while the player sleeps just staring until the player arises. If your followers are sandboxing around your compound and pass through a 16 corpse radius, like a Toyota Camry driving past Jupiter the follower will be pulled to the 4 corpse radius seeking to goto sleep.

The follower now will remain sleeping until the player is not sleeping and is atleast a corpse away from the sleeping follower. This allows for all voice lines to be said in entirety. If you are in a rush or Your follower is taking a long time to wake. A dialogue option will appear “It’s time to wake up.” to quickly exit the sleep faction and be on your way.
Note: Those followers that are not allowed to sleep by this mod may still sleep if they have a sleep package in their existing AI. It’s just that they will not be requested to sleep by this mod.

211020 changes
Brought back the Sleep on demand dialogue. It is intended to be used outside of the auto faction. But if you are using the auto faction on your follower as well, they will auto wake if you step too far away from them. To know if they are out of the auto faction you will see the dialogue “I’d like you to sleep when I sleep.”

Credits: Whatever
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