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Circlet of Viability

A disenchantable circlet in Helgen Keep that provides small boosts to armor rating, health, out-of-combat healing, carry weight, and muffled movement.

Even with mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks, Skyrim followers sometimes fail to impress. Inspired by the Fallout 4 mod “Ring of Low Maintenance,” I created the Circlet of Viability. It provides small boosts to armor rating, health, out-of-combat healing, carry weight, and muffled movement. Of course the player can wear it too.

The circlet is located in Helgen Keep. See the image for a hint, or read further down for more detail. There is only one. You can also disenchant it and apply it to other jewelry items. If you don’t like losing, and you don’t mind cheating, you could even combine this mod with Unlimited Amulets and Rings, BIG: Soul Gem Mining, and Enchanting Start to gradually achieve godlike power.

I read somewhere that for an enchantment that includes multiple effects, only the first effect scales. That seems to be true for this mod, where the armor rating changes but the other effects remain static regardless of soul strength or enchanting skill.

The other game-engine oddity about multiple-effect enchantments is that only 3 effects appear in the description of enchanted items and under Active Effects in the Magic menu –health, muffle, and armor in this case. But the other effects are still working, for example you can see your carry weight change when you equip the circlet.

Spoiler: Immediately after you enter Helgen keep and get your hands unbound, you have to fight some enemies who come through a wooden gate. After the fight, explore the area of Helgen Keep where the enemies came from, through the gate you could not open from your side. Ralof or Hadvar will wait while you do that, despite their complaining.

Credits: Runestyr
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