eFPS – Exterior FPS boost

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eFPS – Exterior FPS boost

Make Skyrim great again with miracle FPS improvement.

eFPS – Exterior FPS boost makes extensive use of a native engine feature called Occlusion Culling. Occlusion Panes have been strategically hand-placed to enhance performance without affecting visibility and immersion. These panes are placed inside walls, houses, mountains and any big object in general, drastically reducing the draw calls.

On Special Edition we’ve detected improvements of up to 5-20 FPS in certain critical areas. Probably on LE the improvementes will be not so important, will wait for you feedbacks guys. We think real improvements will be up around of up to 2-10 FPS.

Let’s move on to the (slightly) bad news!

Long story short, we recommend to start a new game when installing this mod. We still

haven’t completely figured out how eFPS behaves with existing saves. One of our tester reported FPS drops on their very old heavily-modded savefile while getting the expected FPS boost on new games. Other testers with more recent savefiles reported no issues with eFPS, and could benefit from the FPS boost without having to start from scratch. Still, we feel it’s safer to start a new game and that’s our official recommendation.

As of now, mods that move or delete existing architecture are incompatible with eFPS. We are currently working on patches for SE version and it’s a time-consuming process. We have no intention to make a patch hub for LE so feel free to backport it if you want.

For the LE version only you have our permission to make your own patches. Feel free also to export this version on the console that use LE as base.

This NEED TO BE ESM or when we will make patches you’ll have problems, and this mod is intendend for new game as written on compatibility section. Don’t ask us a version without ESM flag because it would have no sense et all. Let loot order this.

Credits: Firegtx - nicola89b
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