Followers as Companions – 1st Person-View Auto-AI Patch

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Followers as Companions – 1st Person-View Auto-AI Patch

This mod automates the AI for Followers as Companions so that in 1st person view if the player is stopped, then the follower will no longer keep annoyingly exiting your field of view.

In the Followers as Companions mod by IsharaMeradin and tonycubed2, when assigning a follower as a companion to either side, their AI will be fixated and will try to always keep to that position.
This can be annoying for players who at times switch to 1st-person-view. In this case, the follower determines the player’s position by the direction you’re facing. So if you were to face the follower, they will run to your side. Turn to face them, and they will again run to your side, out of your view, which can be an annoyance if you are trying to speak to them without switching to 3rd person.

This patch adds additional automation to the follower’s AI, so that when the player is a) in 1st person view AND b) NOT moving, then FaC is disabled for this duration. Thereby you can easily stop and turn to the follower and talk to them, without them running around like an idiot, always trying to keep to your side.
Will work with any follower assigned to either side, and also with any 2 followers assigned to both sides.

In the original mod, the dialogues to control the followers are unvoiced – this patch fixes this by assigning shared responses. (“Of course.” / “I understand.”). This will give a voiced response to most followers.

That’s all this patch does! So what it doesn’t do is fix any of the other inherent issues with the FaC AI. (Yet).


Followers as Companions: MultipleFollowersAsCompanions main-file edition (1.0). The standard edition (main file titled Followers as Companions, version: 1.0alpha) is not supported, and never will be.

Make sure that your followers are not currently ordered to walk at your side. If they are, tell them to fall back (you don’t have to dismiss them, just tell them to please fall back), save the game, and only then install the mod!
Recommended: with your favorite mod-manager.
Manual: at your own responsibility. Unpack the files to Skyrim/Data.

The mod only modifies the FaC as Master and not Skyrim.esm, so it should be compatible with everything. If you are using other follower AI-mods (like Lively Followers), then the course of actions is the following:
– FaC has its priority at 100, namely, when it’s activated, followers will always act as companions. Once this mod deactivates it (player stopped moving in 1st person view), they will revert to their next highest priority AI. With Lively Followers installed for example, this is starting to sandbox. Once the player gets going, FaC takes hold of the follower again.
If a modded follower’s author claims that the follower shouldn’t be controlled by other mods, then it may be best to not apply FaC to them.

Known Issues:

If used to control a modded follower (call him A) that doesn’t count towards the total follower count of the player (meaning: can tag along even if you already have someone with you, call them B), while using FaC, my mod will only be applied to the modded follower (A) if you actually have that second someone (B) already with you too. So if this modded follower (A) is your only current follower (your follower count to the game is actually 0), my mod will refuse to control FaC on it. This has been fixed in 1.1.0

The responsiveness of the mod is limited by how fast NPC’s can evaluate their AI stacks. Depending on how script heavy your game already is, and what your papyrus settings are, it may take up to 1-2 seconds for the follower to acknowledge that you stopped and want to talk. If you turn to them very quickly after stopping, or if your game has average script-lag above ~100ms, they may still try to dash to the side, but will stop doing that in 1-2 seconds.

Credits: WhiteWolf424242
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