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Furs for Mages

A mod that adds craftable and lootable fur clothing for mages to the game. Good for arcane adventurers that want to keep warm or have nothing to do with the College! Frostfall supported.

This is the version for Legendary Edition (LE)

This mod uses Vanilla assets only to add:

five craftable “mage furs” that look like fur/hide armor but act like mage robes (+magicka regen).
five craftable “fur-lined hoods” (+magicka).
craftable fur hand- and foot- wraps.

All items have zero armor rating and are classified as clothing, so mage characters can keep warm while they wander Skyrim in a way that won’t interfere with their Alteration-based ‘mage armor’.

Frostfall is supported.

How to get the items:

Loot — The enchanted items have a chance to show up in boss loot chests, and the rare bandit mages wear them. The unenchanted hand- and foot- wraps have a chance to show in normal bandit loot chests.
Merchants — Merchants that normally sell mage robes now sell mage furs and hoods, too!
Tanning Rack — You can craft them with the appropriate level of Enchanter perk and the materials as listed below.
Console — Run ‘help “mage furs”‘, “help “fur-lined hood”‘, or “help wraps” to find the s, then ‘player.additem 1’.


[Enchanter perk level req’d] Item name {Materials req’d}

[0] Fur Handwraps {1x Wolf pelt, 2x Leather strips}
[0] Fur Footwraps {1x Wolf pelt, 2x Leather strips}
[1] Novice Mage Furs {4x Wolf pelts, 3x Leather strips, 1x Petty soul gem (filled)}
[1] Novice Fur-lined Hood {1x Goat hide, 1x Leather strip, 1x Petty soul gem (filled)}
[2] Apprentice Mage Furs {1x Bear pelt, 3x Leather strips, 1x Lesser soul gem (filled)}
[2] Apprentice Fur-lined Hood {1x Ice wolf pelt, 1x Leather strip, 1x Lesser soul gem (filled)}
[3] Adept Mage Furs {1x Cave bear pelt, 3x Leather strips, 1x Common soul gem (filled)}
[3] Adept Fur-lined Hood {1x Fox pelt, 1x Leather strip, 1x Common soul gem (filled)}
[4] Expert Mage Furs {1x Deer hide, 2x Leathers, 3x Leather strips, 1x Iron ingot, 1x Greater soul gem (filled)}
[4] Expert Fur-lined Hood {1x Snow fox pelt, 1x Leather strip, 1x Greater soul gem (filled)}
[5] Master Mage Furs {1x Elk hide*, 2x Leathers, 3x Leather strips, 1x Steel ingot, 1x Grand soul gem (filled)}
[5] Master Fur-lined Hood {1x Goat hide, 2x Horker tusks, 1x Leather strip, 1x Iron ingot, 1x Grand soul gem (filled)}

*See USLEP comment in ‘Requirements’.

Uses Vanilla assets only. No DLCs or other mods required.
USLEP strongly recommended because it fixes the bug where “elk hides” are called “deer hides”. If you don’t have USLEP, you’ll have to keep track of your elk vs. deer hides yourself.

For the “Modded” female look:

Practical Female Hide Armors (only available for SE at the moment)
Modesty Mod

For the “Modded” male look:

Comprehensive Sleeves Pack (I did not do an exhaustive search for good male replacers. Feel free to leave recommendations in the comments.)


Supports Frostfall. Mods that replace the Vanilla models and textures on the following items are compatible AND will affect my mod. This is intentional.

Forsworn armor and boots.
Fur armor, kilt w/mantle, bracers, and helmet.
Hide and Studded armor, and Scaled helmet.
Novice, Apprentice, and Adept hood.

I highly recommend using replacer mods if you want to avoid fur bikinis on ladies/freezing off your manly torso.

The crafting relies on Vanilla Enchanter perks, so I suspect this mod is NOT compatible with perk overhauls. It will also be incompatible with mods that edit:

The bandit mage NPC outfit [ckid:BanditMageOutfit]
Four leveled lists related to mage robe merchants and loot, and bandit armor loot. [ckid:LItemEnchRobes75, LootEnchRobes10, LootEnchRobes15, LootBanditArmor25]

Though not fully playtested, I expect the following:

Stronger bandit mages (in the rare event that they spawn) because they now have access to mage-specific gear.
NPCs may comment on your poor state of dress if you’re wearing the Novice or Apprentice Mage Furs.
NPCs should NOT comment that you look like a ‘wizard or something’ or to be from the College.
NPCs that barter clothing or furs should (generally) be interested in these items. They should be priced similarly to Vanilla mage robes/hoods.
NPCs that barter armor should NOT be interested in these items.

Please let me know if you observe behavior contrary to this.


TheModGourmet for encouraging me into modding, testing my LE backport, and being a great cheerleader.
Parapets, iceburg, and DanielUA, whose mods appear in my screenshots and are linked in the ‘Requirements’ section above.
Arthmoor, whose Alternate Start – Live Another Life mod greatly facilitated the ‘quick testing’ experience and appears in my screenshots as ‘the camp’.

You may translate or create patches for use with other mods as long as credit to me and a link to this page is given. If you want, contact me and I can post a link to your patch/translation or host the file(s) from this page. Please contact me directly to obtain permissions that don’t fall in these categories.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

Credits: Saelengil
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