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Maximum Carnage

Finally, gore is back in Skyrim. Burn, electrocute or dismember your foes with extreme prejudice. Oohh Raa!

Maximum Carnage is a gore mod made for those who want a more bloody and gory Skyrim. Chop off limbs, burn your opponents to a crisp, its your choice. This mod was inspired by lamer1000’s amazing Deadly Mutilation mod, so a big shout out and thanks to him\her.

As you might know, this type of modding is tedious and time consuming, so any donations will be well received. Look above for the “Donations” link and, in advance, thanks.

SkyUI (for menu)
Spell Perk Item Distributor (also has VR version)

Update 6.4
1. MCM option to enable Ice Chunk gore. Now you can freeze opponents solid than smash them to pieces with a power-attack.
2. Severed hands now fall to the ground.
3. Removed armor stripping effect.
4. Vampire-bite kills causes gore.
5. Fixed bug that was causing gore not to trigger sometimes.
6. Fixed Draugr not being gored for translated versions.(Maybe)
7. Removed FoMod\ReadMe folder.

Note: If you are currently using MC v6.0 or higher, you can just replace old files, else, follow the below “Updating” instructions.

Types of Gore
Bears: Split head, Cut off top of head, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Chaurus: Head cut/severed, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Chaurus Hunter: Smashed Head, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Draugr: One or both arms severed, Body cut in half, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Falmer: Head crushed/cut/smashed, Body cut in half, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Giant: One or both legs severed, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Gargoyle: Blows up into stone pieces, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Hagravens: Sever head, spill guts, cut in half, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Humanoids: Body slashed (chest, back and side), Hand severed, Head smashed, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Sabre Cats: Split head, Sever Jaw, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Spiders: Head crushed, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Trolls: Sever arms, spill guts, cut in half, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.
Wolves, Death Hounds: Split head, Cut off top of head, Electrical and Fire burns, Ice chunks.

How to get Gore
As long as you kill your opponent with a power attack or destruction spell, you should see a gory death.

For physical gore, Maximum Carnage takes into account your position, weapon and power-attack used to determine which gore effect to apply at death. Different weapons yield different results. For example, killing a person with a standing power attack with a great-sword or battleaxe splits their chest open, while a mace or war-hammer would bash their brains out. Check out the above section to see all possible outcomes.

For elemental Gore, Maximum Carnage looks at the death dealing destruction spell’s type. So fire burns, ice freezes and shock electrocutes.

Maximum Carnage will only conflict with mods that also add gore/death effects. FEC users can disable MC’s elemental gore in the MCM menu.

Maximum Carnage will work along side creature mods like SIC but you probably won’t see gore effects applied to any non-vanilla creatures.

Maximum Carnage is compatible with all body types, re-texture packs and combat mods.

MC is very performance friendly. It’s scripted but the script only runs as needed, versus all the time, so, again, very performance friendly.

1. Isolate yourself from everyone including followers, save.
2. Install SKSE if you don’t have it already.
3. Install SkyUI if you don’t have it already.
4. Install Spell Perk Item Distributor if you don’t have it already.
5. Install Maximum Carnage

Note: You can install this mid-game and load order doesn’t matter. I put it along side my other combat mods.

1. Uninstall Maximun Carnage.
2. Load Game.
3. Isolate yourself from everyone including followers, save.
4. (Optional) Clean save with Fallrim Tools.
5. Install Update.

Note: The MCM menu will need a few minutes to update.

In the Future
My ultimate goal is to give all the creatures and humanoids brutal deaths (even the chickens). If you like this mod please endorse and any donation would be well received. Enjoy!

Credits: D-Won
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