Shard of Power – Skill Leveling Loot

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Shard of Power – Skill Leveling Loot

Add loot treasures which increase skill level. Will be found in enemies or chests.

I truly love wandering this beautiful world of Skyrim. But sadly, through a long time journey and many quests, my purpose became decreased. So I tried to add new purpose.

This MOD add loot treasure which increase skill level. I began to make this just for myself. But I’m glad if other players also enjoy 🙂

Shard of Power (as Potion)
Total 18 kind for each skills. Alteration, Sneak etc.
Gather same 3 pcs and use, they will be combined into 1 Crystal of Power.
By Add-on file new 5 type available.(Health, Magicka, Stamina, Carry Weight and Perk Point)

Crystal of Power (as Potion)
Total 18 kind too. Using this, related skill will be increased.
By Add-on file new 5 type available too.

Empty Shard of Power (Misc Item)
Sometimes found. Can be converted into any kind of Crystal of Power or Shard of Power by using Mystic Fire.
Unneccessary Crystal or Shard also can be converted to this.

Dragon Gemstone (Misc Item)
To convert Empty Shard of Power into  Crystal of Power or Shard of Power, this will be required as material.

Dragon Statue (Equipment)
When activate, convert your Dragon Soul into Dragon Gemstones. (12 Gems per 1 soul)
Placed on Mystic Fire in each city.

Prismatic Crystal (as Potion)
3 type. Can select one related skills to increase. By Add-on, One more available.

Warrior -> One-Handed, Two-Handed, Archery, Block, Smithing, Heavy Armor
Thief -> Light Armor, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Sneak, Alchemy, Speech
Mage -> Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration, Enchanting
(Add-on) Adventurer-> Health, Magic, Stamina, Carry Weight, Perk Point

Mystic Fire (Crafting Equipment)
Can convert Crystal of Power or Shard of Power into Empty Shard of Power.
Also convert Empty Shard of Power into Crystal of Power or Shard of Power.
Dragon Statue is placed on this.
Using Add-on, Can make Dragon Gemstone from Empty Shard of Power + “Heart Stone”(found in Soltheim) + “Dragon scales” or “Dragon Bone”

Whiterun: Leftside of Hall of the Dead
Solitude: inside Temple of the Devines
Windhelm: inside Temple of Talos
Winterhold: inside Hall of the Elements
Markarth: beside Temple of Dibella
Riften: beside Temple of Mara
Falkreath: backyard of Hall of the Dead
Morthal: beside Falion’s House
Dawnstar: beside Silus Vesuius’s House
Raven Rock: beside temple & inside Severin Manor
Tel Mithryn: beside staff enchanter room
Skaal Village: Shaman’s Hut backyard

These are almost same place as “Altar of Gems” of Shining Gems Bless

Loot Sources[/font]
Boss chest in dungeons
Will contain Crystal of Power / Shard of Power / Empty Shard of Power / Dragon Gemstone / Prismatic Crystal (Rare)
As player’s level increased, more chance of good and multiple loot.
Vessel and Pod in Apocrypha may contain too.

Always drop more than one Crystal of Power / Shard of Power / Empty Shard of Power
Rarely dorp Prismatic Crystal

Only Bandit Chief sometimes drop Shard of Power. As player’s level increased, more chance of multiple drop.

Sometimes drop Shard of Power and Dragon Gemstone. As player’s level increased, more chance of multiple drop.

Low chance to drop Dragon Gemstone.

Drop more than one Shard of Power.

Atronach, Ghost, Hagraven, Wisp Mother, Wisp, Magic Anomaly,
Boneman(DG), Wrathman(DG),Mistman(DB), Seeker(DB), Lurker(DB)
Sometimes drop Shard of Power

Wizard, Forceworn,Vampire, Falmer, Gargoyle(DG), Ash Spawn(DB)
Low chance to drop Empty Shard of Power

Dwarven Automaton
Only Centurion may drop Shard or Shard of Power or Empty Shard of Power

*NOTE: Loot rate may change when use with other MOD (ex Enemy or Loot adding MOD).

Require DLC Dawnguard, Dragonborn and SKSE.
This MOD tweak leveled list. so for safety, making Wrye bash is recommended.
When using Extension file, set load order as Main file faster, Extension later.

Japanese Description


力の欠片 (ポーション扱い)

力の結晶 (ポーション扱い)

空の力の欠片 (その他アイテム)

竜晶石 (その他アイテム)

竜の彫像 (設備)

虹色の結晶 (ポーション扱い)
 戦士 -> 片手武器、両手武器、弓術、防御、鍛冶、重装
 盗賊 -> 軽装、スリ、開錠、隠密、錬金術、話術
 魔術師 -> 変性、召喚、破壊、幻惑、回復、付呪
 (アドオン)冒険者 -> 体力、マジカ、スタミナ、所持重量、能力ポイント


 力の結晶 / 力の欠片 / 空の力の欠片 / 竜晶石 / 虹色の結晶(レア)が手に入ります。

 力の結晶 / 力の欠片 / 空の力の欠片 を必ず1つ以上落とします。 たまに虹色の結晶を落とします。









DLC Dawnguard, Dragonborn, SKSEが必要です。また、Leveled Listに変更を加えるので、念のためWrye Bashを作成することをお勧めします。

Credits: Pumpkin Pie
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