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Snow Elf Playable Race

Adds a Snow Elf from Dawnguard as a playable race. Fully working with vampire lord and werewolf and any custom armour on the nexus.

Thanks for all the endorsements!



The Snow Elves Also Known As as the Falmer or Ice Elves were once a proud race with unusually great aptitude for magic. There skin is coated with a thin layer of blue-white ice. They inhabited Skyrim long before the Nord’s Returned from Atmora and Had their own language which was written in a complex and indecipherable alphabet. The Snow Elves were Purported to use spears and archery in combat.

Snow Elves Have These Stat bonuses:
+10 One handed
+5 Heavy Armor
+5 Archery
+5 Block
+5 Restoration
+5 Destruction

Snows Elves Are :
75% Resistant to Frost/Ice
25% Weakness to Fire/Flames
Can also Use Ice Shout as a Natural Power


This mod works with the Vampire Lord/Werewolf with no problems as well as all the vanilla quests with no freezing or crashing ECT

the snow elf race should be compatible with most mod’s on the Nexus however Not all custom Armor will work with the snow elf race as Its not been assigned to the Snow Elf race on the Armor Add-on. To fix this I’ve added a armor compatibility plugin with this mod and will be making most of the popular armor mod’s on the nexus compatible with the snow elf race as well as writing a guide on how to do it yourself incase on of your favorite armor mod’s is not working with the snow elf race, But feel free to request some armor mods :).

If you find any conflicts with any mods or the vanilla game be sure to report them so I can fix them but Im pretty sure there should be no Conflicts with any mods.

Future Updates

Any Bugs/conflicts will be fixed
More Hair Styles
Female Snow Elf
A Snow elf Companion with a quest
Plus more

Feel Free To suggest improvements/ideas for the mod ill add them in if I think there good ๐Ÿ™‚


I highly Recommend using the the NMM as its pretty much a few click instillation just click download with manager and activate when downloaded in NMM. if its asks you to overwrite files in the NMM just click Yes to all to

To install manually just extract the archive to a place of you choice (e.g. the desktop) and add all the contents in the data folder to the Skyrim data folder and copy and replace any files it asks

To uninstall simply Deactivate the Mod in NMM or if you manually installed delete the following files in the skyrim data folder:

Snow Elf Armor Compatibility.ESP (V3 or below)
Snow Elf Race.ESP

Data/Script/PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex Data/Script/Source/PlayerVampireQuestScript.psc Data/Script/companionshousekeepingscript.pex Data/Script/Source/companionshousekeepingscript.psc


To play as the Snow Elf simply start a new game or do “showracemenu” in the console and change your race to the snow elf doing this method this will effect all your characters stats in game but its recommend starting a new game or backing up you save before doing “showracemenu”. I will not take responsibility for loss of character ECT as you have been warned ๐Ÿ™‚

Change Log

Version 0.1:
Added Male Snow Elf as a Playable Race with custom ability’s.

Version 0.2:
Updated Racial Ability and Stats Bonus (now +5 Restoration instead of +5 Sneak) , New Hair Styles added, added presets and fixed a few bugs.

Version 0.3
Added Scars, Armor Compatibility for Cloaks of skyrim, immersive armor and Many more popular armor mods on the nexus and also fixed issue with eyes on vampire and normal race. fixed issues with complexity in character creation.

Version 0.4
Fixed Crashing issue now compatible with any armor mod

Version 0.5
Fixed Eye Color

Contact and permissions

If you have any problems/ideas/questions/ or have any enquiries about this mod or just want to say thanks, feel free to contact me on the nexus or follow me on twitter ๐Ÿ˜‰ @xiM1TCH

I do not give any one permission to re-upload this to the nexus, steam workshop or any other site without asking my permission to do so. If I find that you have uploaded this without permission I will get the mod taken down. most of the time if you ask me ill say yes I just like to know who’s distributing my mod ๐Ÿ™‚


Bethesda for making Skyrim and the Creation kit
The nexus for its amazing community and site you guys are amazing ๐Ÿ™‚
Expired for creating the RaceCompatibility plugin (

Hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚ Updates coming soon

Credits: iM1TCH
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