Valmari – Unique Follower With RPG-Class Module System

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Valmari – Unique Follower With RPG-Class Module System

With Class-Module System Valmari can be Healer-Mage-SpellSword-DragonKnight-Cryomancer-BladeDancer by your choice. All Module has upgrade system to increase power or add new spells. Generic follower like Lydia can use some module to become more effect in combat.

(Her Face and CBBE body Preset mod will be release soon!)
(English Grammar is my worst enemy so if i make some typing mistake, hope you can still understand it)
-This is my follower mod design by me and my SkyrimVNGroup ideal.
– Her Location is Sleeping Giant Inn Riverwood.
– Hope you like her and have fun playing game.
-(Her bodyslidePreset already include in the mod Under name that have word “Valmari” you can seacrh it in Bodyslide)

– Valmari RPG-Class Module system is a set of shield like equipment when equip will add passive stats like health,stamina,magic resist, amour rating and spells to the user base on the theme of the Module. While Valmari can use all of the Module effect and archetype like Healer will heal and buff dragonborn or Blade dancer that cast bound weapon when equipped, other follower even not nature spell caster like Lydia can use other Modules perfectly.(With Custom Follower. If their have a unique combat style that disable shouting and magic casting (Often Dualwielding Follower). The Modules will only provide Passive Bonuses be cause their can’t cast spells anyway. You can use Follower FrameWork mods and change their combat style to fix it)

– All of Valmari Modules has an upgrade system that require mainly gemstones and soulgems to upgrade in the forge. Modules start with weak enchantment and novice spells at Rank 1 and go more powerful each upgrade.

-Waring: Spells added by arm Module are designed to Follower use, not Player due Zero Magicka nature and wrong school category of some spell. Player can still use those spell but it will be very imbalance. I suggest use Magic overhaul mods for Player. And If you want to wear Module like cosmetic. I have made all Final rank Modules a Non enchanted version of them.

-BackGround(Silly): Daughter of a great Noble-Sorcerers clan of High Rock. Destined and planed to born under Sun Height – The Apprentice to gain most magicka affinity and combine with family’s power and resource so she can be a great Sorceress to help maintain & advance clan’s rank in Mages Guild. But at the day she was born, The Serpent appeared in the sky overdrive The Apprentice, blessed Valmari with evermore intelligent and magic affinity and remove the weakness of magic. But also cursed her by strip the link of Magnus’s Magicka energy out of her body so she can’t cast magic spells like other. At first the Clan’s Elder thought she was complete cursed by fate of The Serpent but years after years she become more intellect and bright at every school of magic, so they putted all effort to teach her Enchanting – the only magic skill that can’t be affected by her condition. And that Valmari be come a great Enchanter, she invented a system of spell arm module work like a spell staff with the soul gems as energy source and other gems like ruby and emerald as conduit. The energy efficiency is very good that modules will almost don’t require recharge when use. With her Modules, Valmari and other that don’t have Magicka energy talent can cast powerful spells like all high rank mage easy, but very little can afford her Modules because of it’s huge requirement of rare Gems and materials. It’s just become some fancy toys for the noble class of High Rock that want to impress and fool other like they was a Mage.

-Note: Some time spells will not be removed when swap module. Simply just put the module has that spell and let follower equip it then remove the module will remove spell correctly (Just for safety because normaly they can’t cast that spell when module is unequipped)
-Race: Breton
-Body: CBBE-HDT/PureSkinTexture/Come with custom shape Dwarven bikini Armour
-Combat: Heavy armor, fight like normal 1 handed if don’t have any module.With Healer module – When The Dragonborn enter combat, she will cast her unique regen spell that heal small amount of health/magicka/stamina to Her and Dragonborn in 2min. When The Dragonborn health drop below 50-60 percent she will cast healing spell that heal larger amount of health.
-She is essential and marriageable.
-She levels with the Dragonborn.
-If you want to change her body shape, you can go build a base CBBE body in bodyslide then Drop it to
Meshes\Valmari weapons\Body\Body
-If you want to dress her new outfits but keep her shape. I have put her CBBE bodypreset in Bodyslide so you can build any CBBE base outfits to match her bodyshape

Credits: Loraedon
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