Crystalline’s Black Soul Gem Crafting

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Crystalline’s Black Soul Gem Crafting

This mod allows you to make use of the “Soul Gem Fragments” you gather in the game by crafting them into black soul gems. I’m pretty certain I’m nowhere near the first person to do this, but I may have gone about it differently than most.

Looking for a useful purpose for the Soul Gem Fragments? Well, here you go. The fragments can be crafted together into a Black Soul Gem at the Skyforge. (Only at the Skyforge.)

There are two versions to this mod. There’s my original – where every possible combination of five fragments makes a Black Soul Gem. Then there’s my other one “Less Chaos” that restricts the recipes to only six in total – five of one type or one of each. “Less Chaos” is set to be the dominant file. If you want to have the flexibility of the original, go ahead, but “Less Chaos” earned that name for a reason. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Make sure you only download one of the main files. The original and the “Less Chaos” version have a high chance of conflicting with each other. Not sure, but it’d be pointless to try it, anyway.

This page also includes a requested patch for the Equippable Tomes mod – moving the recipes to the Sagecrafting table, instead of the Skyforge. You can find the appropriate patch for the version you choose in the optional files. Be sure you grab the right patch for the mod option you picked. Of course, there’s no point getting the patch, if you don’t have Equippable Tomes.

I have also created another optional file that alters the names of the fragments, so you can tell them apart. That file does not require either of the main files. It is completely standalone. Compatible with both main files, though.

Credits: Crystalline Thunder
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