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Dragon Ball Auras and Techniques by Darkfoot

If you are familiar with the Dragon Ball series, you should easily grasp the gist of the mod.

This mod takes advantage of the vanilla individual Racial Powers and dragonborn shouts to provide auras and new buffs for them (up to 2.5x more powerful) like the aura that appears in the KaioKen technique or a full transformation such as a sup.

By buffing Skyrim’s Daily Racial Powers, I make my slight attempt to provide the race’s in Skyrim with techniques and transformations that radiate different and powerful auras from the body, similar to that of Goku’s KaioKen technique for example, thus providing a strong but temporary spike in combat attributes for an advantage, or perhaps even a full on transformation such as the legendary super saiyan.
(The equivalent for super saiyan being the Dragon Aspect Form)

The buffs mainly provide race powers with up to 2.5x increase in effectiveness as well as a health regeneration effect to simulate the aura (that can now bee seen exuding from your mind, body, and soul(just like the yellow aura from a super saiyan we all know and love) protecting your body and boosting your overall defense/resistance

* All races gain 5% – 40% increase in melee damage
* Orc races keep their vanilla buff of 2x dmg + 0.50x resist in addition

Racial Powers
(For me, I like to compare this to the Kaio Ken technique. A short burst of power that can give you the advantage. With a sick aura to top it off)

* Argonian:
Invoke the power of the Hist to pump your skin and release a visibly powerful aura to recover health over 20x faster for seconds. ( + 10% melee damage)
(My favorite, because it makes me feel like i’m in god mode)

* Orc:
Tap into your Berserker Rage to take half damage and deal double damage with a visibly powerful aura regenerating your health over 4x faster for 60 seconds. ( + 15% melee damage)
(Not much to change, their ability is OP for the most part)

* Nord:
Unleash a Battle Cry of power that causes targets to flee and an aura regenerating your health 3x faster for 60 seconds.
( + 20% melee damage)

* Imperial:
Unleash an authoritative shout of power that calms the mind of hostiles and lingers an aura regenerating your health 2.5x faster for 60 seconds. ( + 15% melee damage)

* Redgaurd:
Calling upon Adrenaline Rush produces a visibly powerful aura regenerating your health 2x faster and your stamina is 10x faster for 60 seconds. ( + 15% melee damage)

* Breton:
The Dragonskin power grants the ability to absorb the magicka from hostile spells and boost both regeneration and resistance to magic overall (1.5x health regen – 5x magicka regen, and an additional 25% magic resistance) for 60 seconds. ( + 10% melee damage)

* High Elf:
Highborn produces a visibly powerful aura that increases magicka regeneration 50x and slight boosts to regeneration and resistance overall (1.5x health regen – and 20% magic resistance) for 60 seconds. ( + 10% melee damage)

* Dark Elf:
Calling upon Ancestor’s Wrath exudes a powerful burning aura that deals damage, resists fire (25 fire damage & resistance) and heals any open wounds (5x health regen) for 60 seconds. ( + 10% melee damage)
(To be so bad ass, to have fire actually be beneficial to you)

* Wood Elf:
You release an aura that attempts to Command Animals and call to nature for aid, granting you a daily companion and some recuperation (regen health at 1.2x) for 60 seconds. ( + 5% melee damage)

Voice Powers
(There is an optional file to include improved shouts (Req. Dawngaurd & Dragonborn DLC)

* ALL Shouts effectiveness has been increased by up to 2.5x
Shouts cool downs have been decreased by up to 0.25x

* Become Ethereal now additionally provides for each word in order, 1.2x – 1.3x – 1.5x health regen (as long as you remain ethereal)

* Elemental Furry now additionally provides for each word in order, 2x – 3x – 3.5x health regen and 20% frost – 20% fire – 20%
shock resistance up to max of 2 & half minutes.

* Unrelenting Force now deals for each word in order, 25 – 75 damage (with 2-3 words of power)
Super effective against dragons ( +50 – 125 damage)

* Drain Vitality now last up to 3m

* Soul Tear now traps souls for 15sec on all 3 words and deals 600 damage (40dps) with all 3 combine.

* Cyclone now deals up to 175+ damage

* Dragon Aspect (Super Saiyan):

* Invoking the power of Diiv, the dragon head piece, you complete a powerful shield aura increasing health regeneration 25x for the duration of the form (I like to combine this form with my argonian character’s Histskin technique I think you know why).
* The 2nd word, Qah increases health regeneration by only 10x.
* The 1st word, Mul increases health regeneration by only 7.5x.
* 8 hour shout cool down (3x a day)
* 50% Fire & Frost Resistance.

* Any other vanilla stats not mention have remained.


* Version 1.3:
Inputted changes made to Dragon Aspect shout and a few other minors that were found missing from what’.
* Version 1.5:
Inputted changes made to Elemental Fury, buff to 2x – 3x – 3.5x health regen
* Elemental Form 1.0:
Separate ESP File to bypass any visual/status FX issues with the Elemental Fury shout for me and anyone else while buffing the regen of the form to 2x – 2.5x – 5x health regen, or if you only want the changes made to the Elemental Fury shout.


* I must not forget to mention, this mod originally was based on the needs of a hardcore mode/play style preferably with 0 vanilla passive health regeneration. Thus the buffs were increased to the point of, NOT going pass the lines of making them too OP.
* Possibly may NOT be compatible with mods that change shouts &/or race powers. (A mod that allows NPC’s use racial powers for example:) The NPC will not be able to pull off these techniques like you can and end up messing it up while they have a seemingly endless cool down for each racial power. OP I’d say.
* If on the main quest where you must shout at the Grey-Beards, disable the mod first or you will overpower them.

Credits: Darkfoot
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