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Elemental Gems LE

Adds a new crafting system to make gems that can summon atronachs when used.

This mod adds a new crafting station, called the “Daedric Altar,” to a few places the world. This altar will allow the creation of elemental gems, which will summon atronachs for 3 minutes when used, as well as the ability to transmute soul gems into lesser or greater tiers and the ability to convert fire, frost, and void salts into each other. Each conversion requires an amount of materials determined by the cost of the item you are trying to make, so it is all balanced.

To make these gems, you need to imbue a soul gem with the power of an atronach; this process requires an empty soul gem (lesser for fire atronachs, common for frost, or greater for storm) and the atronach’s respective salts (fire, frost, or void salts respectively). You can also find some of these gems hand-placed in the world, usually around Daedric Altars. I did not touch the leveled loot lists or any merchant chests.

This mod was loosely inspired by the Elemental Gem item from D&D, by the way.


-Where in the world did you place these altars?
The two you will be easily able to use are in Dragonsreach (Farengar’s room) and the Midden (next to the Atronach Forge). I did place a few in the world in some places you may find, yourself. Some are in ruins, forts, etc… Just places I felt made sense to find them

-In the Midden, you say?! Is this compatible with [insert College of Winterhold mod here]?
I have tested it with Obscure’s College of Winterhold, and it works with that one. THERE IS NOW A PATCH FOR IMMERSIVE COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD (ICoW). To find the new position of the Winterhold altar with the ICoW file, follow the path that goes beneath the bridge to the College, and it will be right on the beach. I moved it outside of the College entirely for maximum compatibility.

-Will I get conjuration experience from using these gems?
No, these gems will not increase your experience, because the magic is all in the gem, not the user 😉

-Do I require any skills to craft these gems?
No, you can craft them all whenever you want as long as you have the materials.

-How do I use these gems?
They are technically defined as potions in the game, so they will be in your potions tab in your inventory. Just click on them to “consume” them, and out pops an atronach.

-I have to consume the gems to use them?!
The way the game sees it, yes, you do, but I changed the sound the gems make when you use them, so it does not sound like you are eating or drinking them. Just imagine you are smashing them on the floor, or something. Or they behave like Pokeballs. Or you really are consuming them. Your imagination is your only limit.

-How did you make a “potion” work to summon atronachs?
I made duplicates of the existing summon atronach spells, gave the duplicates a “self” delivery (so when the gems are used they will be summoned near the user rather than where you are aiming. This eliminates the issue of the spell failing if you are not aiming at the floor), and I tied the new spells to the “potions.”

-Will the atronachs be classified as “potent” if I have the perk to summon potent atronachs?
No, the magic is in the gem, not the user, so they will not be potent if you have the perk.

Credits: Chivels
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