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Face Masks of Skyrim

Craftable ‘Face Masks’ for the characters of Skyrim

There are two versions of the Face Masks that each come in 8 different colours. They can be worn by both males and females and are FULLY compatible with beast races.

This mod adds a craftable ‘Face Mask’ to the game of Skyrim

.: Requires Skyrim v1.8+ & Dragonborn DLC :.

.: FULL Beast race support :.

It comes in 8 colour variants: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
They use New Slots so they can be worn with any Helmet, Circlet or Robe
[size=1.5](Not suitable with Orc races, unless you like clipping)[/size]

Face Masks for NPCs addon created by user Icefrenzy
Adds all the face masks from this mod to the NPC level list and the loot list.

Which NPCs have the face mask?
-Civilians (For mods that add NPCs that use the farm clothes list
-Chests/Wardrobes/Crates that have clothes on its loot list
-Merchants that sell clothing

Face Masks with Identity Conceal addon created by user JZBai
Plugins for both ‘Sneak Tools’ and ‘SkyRe’ to allow the Face Masks to conceal the players identity. (Compatible with both item slot versions)

Face Masks of Skyrim – Item Slot 44 addon created by user stileserf
Sets the Face Masks to use item slot 44 (Default is 47)


You can craft the ‘Face Mask’ using any ‘Tanning Rack’ under the ‘Chitin’ section.

To craft a ‘Face Mask’, you will need:

2 Linen Wrap

To craft the ‘Face Mask (No Scarf)’ version, you will need:

1 Linen Wrap


Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
Or download manualy and extract to your Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Then make sure the ‘FaceMasksOfSkyrim.esp’ file is active in the Data section of your SkyrimLauncher.exe.


– Added new Mask version without the neck scarf
– Added ability to enchant the Face Masks
– Added an optional saturated texture set
– Added new Mask colour (Brown/Leather)
– Changed the item slot to #47 (kept original item slot #55 as optional download)
– Slightly changed the textures brightness levels

– Initial release
– Adds craftable ‘Face Mask’ to the game

Credits: volvaga0
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