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Headstart Helgen Keep, Skyrim LE: “Clean”-Save:

This save was made on a PC solely with Skyrim LE; Update.esm; Dawnguard.esm; Hearthfires.esm; and Dragonborn.esm, all cleaned by TES5. We made the save so we could test mods, and play all quests in any order, without necessarily having to grind skills and levels. You could likely port this save over to Skyrim SE. The save contains a female Nord we named Dragonborn, who has entered Helgen Keep, after Alduin’s first attack. She stands in Helgen Keep’s first chamber, with the first gate locked, and Ralof is waiting. She has the only keys to the gate.

Save Features:

This game-save changes the vanilla gameplay experience completely, as the saved character is already unbeatable, and overpowered. You could use Race Menu to change the player character as desired, but NOTE the risks.

If you change the character’s race, you will retain all the perks/abilities listed below, but skills-values will revert to Skyrim’s starting levels for any new race! Despite all but four maxed out skills + perks below, the Player has NOT leveled up yet, and she is still level 1:

You can stay level 1 for as long as you want, but before you access the Skill Trees and Level up, perhaps make another save first, so you will have a backup of this original ‘clean’-save at level 1, if you change your mind, since you will have to next level up Health, Stamina, and Magicka.

Before leveling up, perhaps strip the character of all of her enchanted gear, so you can see her actual stats unaffected by enchantments.

Please note that if you level up right away, you will jump from level 1 to Level 71, and end up carrying about 30 unused perks. You will never use/need all of these, as you continue playing.

Here follow the starting Skill Trees and Levels And Selected Perks for this particular player-character-save:

Destruction: 41: All Perks up to 40
Restoration: 100: All Perks except Avoid Death
Alteration: 100: All Perks
Enchanting: 100: All Perks
Conjuration: 100: All Perks, but meter-bar not filled in.
Illusion: 100: All Perks; including Master Spells: Harmony, Mayhem, Invisibility.
Alchemy: 100: First 5 Perks, plus Poisoner, Physician, and Benefactor, for Resto-exploit.
Speech: 20: Instantly upgradeable to 100 when you reach a merchant to sell items from your valuable inventory below.
Pickpocket: 100: All Perks
Lockpicking: 15: Easy to level up, see below.
Sneak: 100: All Perks
Light Armor: 100: All Perks
Archery: 100: All Perks, but meter-bar not filled in.
Heavy Armor: 100: All Perks
1-Handed: 100: All Perks
2-Handed: 91: All Perks through 90 (After about five-ten minutes of 2-H game play, should bop up to level 92.)
Block: 100: All Perks
Smithing: 20: Instantly upgradeable to 100 when you reach a grindstone/workbench, and choose to use the OP alchemy-smith ring/potions in your inventory.

A Warrior Standing Stone is Already Activated: Once you finish Escape Helgen Keep–UNBOUND with Ralof, you can fast-travel to the three main Guardian Stones if you wish.

Dragonborn’s Inventory:

She has enchanted leather-armor, helmet and boots, and enchanted Daedric 2-H gauntlets, enchanted ebony bow, sword, and shield, along with Bound Bow/Battleaxe. She also carries some enchanted Daedric armor.

Her starting armor gives her 257K-plus health, 359K magicka, 359K magicka-regen, 359K stamina, 215K carry-weight. She has a 200K alch-smith ring, that will make expensive potions or get her to 100 Smithing within six clicks at a workbench or grindstone at a smithy.

She also has OP smithing and enchanting potions that she can use to likewise more slowly level smithing or upgrade armor and weapons. She has lots of necessary Alchemy ingredients for Slow, for Restoration, Smithing, and Enchanting potions. She has loads of enchanted rings and boots, and potions that she can sell (one-shot) to raise Speech to 100, when you’re ready, in Riverwood, or wherever.

The nearby thralled Imperial Captain also has a bunch of expensive and salable gear and items they are muling. A thralled soldier is there too, no gear. Take good care of her/them, if you want. If they’re standing there when you load the save, you may have to kill and rethrall them to get them to follow. If you don’t want them, or don’t want some or any of this stuff, just leave them, and leave the other gear in a chest in the barracks at Helgen.

Tips and Options:

1) You could visit the wiki and learn and use the console-command to reset all perks and levels back to a starting character? Just toss your inventory, if you prefer grinding and leveling up!?

2a) You could play a whole game–or as many quests as you want–without accessing the skill tree, and all enemies will be scaled around your level-1 range, while your character’s actual skills-perks-sets are nearer 70? If you prefer tough opponents, level up?

2b) You could “beat” the game, and Alduin, at this “level 1”?

3) You have some skills that still need leveling/grinding, such as Destruction, Lockpicking, 2-Handed, Speech, and Smithing.

4) With Dead Thrall you could thrall the Imperial Captain and other Imperial Soldier or Gunjar in Helgen Keep, if you wish, before unlocking the gate?

5a) With the advanced Illusion Spells, you could cast Harmony on your way out of Helgen, and not kill any NPCs/anything?

5b) As a Master-Illusionist, you could play a lot of the game without killing much of anyone/anything?

6) You could use this save to test Mods and load orders or other?

7) Unknown Lockpicking Tip? Very easy to level up. If you set your volume up, you will hear that Skyrim plays an audible pitched cue when the rotating lockpick-graphic passes the correct opening position. The on-screen lock-graphic is drawn with lots of visual cues for precisely targeting your pick.

8) Without the Mage Stone, or the Lover Stone, activated, leveling up Destruction may still be a grind. Perhaps consider potions to speed the process?

9) Leveling up the rest of 2-Handed is a bit of a grind too, even with the Warrior Stone activated. Perhaps consider potions to speed it up; and try some sleep?

10) You could travel and visit merchants to level up Speech, sell your gear, and get lots of gold?

11) Little-known Pickpocket-leveling tip? Casting Harmony on NPC’s and enemies allows you to much more easily pickpocket them. It’s fast and easy to walk to Winterhold, casting calm all the way, max out Illusion, get the Illusion Ritual master spells from Drevis Neloren, and then use Harmony throughout Tamriel to pickpocket everyone. We like to cast Harmony, and then pickpocket everyone at Karthspire Camp. Very fun! If they catch you, recast it! This is faster and safer most often, than saving before each pickpocket attempt, and is also much faster and more fun (in our opinions) than going to Riften prison, killing guards and pickpocketing Sibbi. Note, if you choose to level up, the enemies will scale up too, and be harder to pickpocket, even with Harmony.

12) Another little-known (?) Pickpocket tip is to level up speech to give merchants more cash, then travel to Windhelm, visit the Alchemist’s shop, use the Restoration exploit in the Alchemist’s shop, save, and ‘punch’ the alchemist to reset the inventory, reload the save, then sell your potions back or outside in the market, to earn the money necessary to buy Pickpocket training from the nearby Silda, five levels at a time? Once you max out her training, you could then complete 91-100 Pickpocket mastery using the Windhelm Calixto exploit(?)


Credits: Moebius73
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