Hrothgar Portkey (Legacy)

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Hrothgar Portkey (Legacy)

Adds a magic gem that allows you to teleport to and from High Hrothgar from Ivarstead.

This is a port of my newest mod from SSE to Legacy Skyrim.

Do you hate having to climb the 7,000 steps each time you need to talk to the Greybeards? Do you not not like to use fast travel? If you answered “yes” to either of those, this mod may interest you. Introducing the Hrothgar Portkey! This mod adds a magic gem in the Vilemyr Inn (sat on the bar counter) and in High Hrothgar (near the doors), which will teleport you back and forth from one place to the other when you touch it.


Do I need any of the DLCs to use this mod?

Why did you make this mod?
-Because I felt like it… I got tired of climbing the 7,000 steps.

Why don’t you just fast travel? Seems like a hassle to make an entire mod that just teleports you…
-This mod was quite easy to make, actually… Probably took me a total of 5 minutes to do, if you do not count the egregious amount of time it takes for the Creation Kit to start up. Anyways, I do not use fast travel because I do not like using it, aside from in-game methods of doing so, like taking carriages, for example, or in this case, touching magical emeralds.

Well, using your logic, there has to be an in-game reason for the gem’s existence! Why is it there?!
-I dunno, make it up! … You’re gonna keep pestering me until I make a lore reason as to why it’s there, aren’t you? Fine, fine…. There once was a powerful wizard named Chivels, and he had dealings with the Greybeards. However, he loathed the fact that he had to climb the 7,000 steps each time he had to talk with them, so he pulled 2 emeralds from his bag, placing one on the bar in the Vilemyr Inn, and casting a spell on it. He, then, carried the second one to High Hrothgar, where he set it down, casting the same spell on it once it was in place, and a link was formed. This link allowed whomever touched the gem to teleport directly into High Hrothgar and back to the Vilemyr Inn. Happy now?

No, it sounds like you pulled that answer out of your ass!
-Well fuck you too, buddy! You asked for a lore reason, and I gave you one.

Why hasn’t the gem been stolen yet?
-Because, when a thief touches the gem, it teleports them to High Hrothgar, duh!

What happens to a thief when they are teleported to High Hrothgar?
-Little known fact about the Greybeards: they may come across as pacifist hippies, but they have an infamous temper! If you trespass in their monastery, uninvited, they will unleash Hell upon you by repeatedly freezing you with their Thu’um! So, they freeze the thieves, break their frozen bodies into tiny pieces, grind them up into a fine powder, and snort them. The snorting of dead, frozen thieves allow the Greybeards to maintain a stronger connection to nature, and it allows them to maintain their hippie-ness… You see, the Greybeards have developed a crippling addiction to snorting frozen people (probably because of the Skooma in the bloodstream of the thieves they snort), so if they were to stop snorting frozen thieves, then their pacifist demeanor will quickly deteriorate, and they will show their true natures as psychopaths.

-No more to say? Good.

Credits: Chivels
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