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Improved Bonemold Revisited


The Improved Bonemold Armor, while I found it to be a cool edition, was largely redundant. While slightly better (and lighter) than Dwarven, it was also much more troublesome to make. Aside from having to first acquire the formula, a full set also required, among other things, 5 Void Salts and 5 Stalhrim – both rather rare and expensive ingredients.
Considering that Improved Bonemold only occupies a slight, awkward spot between Dwarven and Orcish/Steel Plate armor, it was largely a wasted investment, and you’d generally be better off saving your gold and ingredients for later.

My Fix

My mod eases the Improved Bonemold recipes into the leveling experience by removing Void Salts from the recipes, and replacing Stalhrim with Refined Moonstone – a more level-appropiate blacksmithing ingredient.
Furthermore, I also added crafting recipes for Improved versions of the two other armor variants – the “jerkin” and the “guard” type armors – for people who prefer their aesthetics (the stats and recipes are identical).

Stormcloak Version

The Stormcloak Version applies the same changes as above, but exchanges the Netch Jelly and Netch Leather ingredients with Spriggan Sap and standard Skyrim Leather Strips, because visiting another country and engaging with different people is apparently too much of a hassle. Next thing you’ll want me to make a version where Galmar Stonefist just hands you the formula when you join the Rebellion, so you’ll never even have to set foot on Solstheim.

On forging Improved Bonemold
It’s true that you must have joined the Thieves Guild to begin Glover Mallory’s quest “Paid in Full”, but you can always learn to forge Improved Bonemold. Looting the Bonemold Formula from Esmond Tyne’s body and reading it teaches your character how to make the armor. You do not need to complete the quest for Glover Mallory!
And this isn’t something done by my mod; Bethesda put this mechanic into the base version of Dragonborn to begin with, although a lot of people don’t realize it.

To quickly learn how to craft the Improved Bonemold, type “player.additem xx02AD3C 1” (with xx being your Dragonborn Load order number) into the console, and then read the formula. BAM! You have the know-how.
My mod also changes the text in this formula to reflect the new recipes – because I have that level of attention to detail (you can thank me by hitting the endorse button).


Simply drop the esp file of your choice into your Skyrim\Data directory. Use only one of the esp’s!
To uninstall, simply remove the esp again.


Any mod that modifies the recipes for Improved Bonemold
NOTE: You can install mods that modify the stats on Improved Bonemold armor without conflicts. But the Improved Bonemold Jerkin/Guard Armor variants are added by my mod, and as such will remain unchanged.

Credits: LittleBigPeach
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