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Kozakowy’s Leto Outfit UNP CBBE

This is a 3d recreation of Leto Vanity Outfit designed by a costume artist called Nylh. It’s a female mage outfit with features similar to the Archmage’s Robes.


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Big thanks to my Patrons who followed and supported this project all the time 🙂 this is:

Daniel Blick
Hoang Duc Minh
Michael Stovall
ArchMageLilith <3
Alter Native <3
Tinaa Slobodnik <3
Rae Emm <3

1. Description:

I’m not the author of this design. This is only a 3d recreation of Leto Vanity Outfit designed by an extremely talented costume artist called Nylh. I thought that it has to go 3d from the very moment I saw it. There are but few alterations I did to make the modelling easier 😉

It’s a female mage outfit with features similar to the Archmage’s Robes. I placed it somewhere around the Mythic Dawn cult quest since I thought it quite fits an image of a sun priestess, a powerful mage lady or even a cult leader.

Consists of:

– the Headdress (with a hairdo added from Kalilies pack)
– a Necklacer – openwork version
– a Necklacer – solid version
– a Bodice part with Skirts and Jewelry
– a pair of Bracers – solid

2. Known issues (PLEASE READ BEFORE USING!!! ):

– there’s no weightslider compatibility so please turn the weight down to zero to avoid hand and feet seams
– some clipping may occur especially in the legs area – it’s impossible to keep the legs and get rid of all the clipping – believe me, I worked 3 days 😉
– female only
– the hair may loose color from time to time – equipping the Headdress again should solve the problem
– requires SKSE and KS Hairdos Renewal

3. How to get it in game:

The outfit is hidden in a chest in Silus Vesuius’s House in Dawnstar – See the instructional image in the gallery!

You can also get it via console:
– type in console ‘help “leto” ‘ , you will get all needed IDs.
– type in console ‘player.additem XXX Y’. XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.

4. Installation:

– I suggest using MO or NMM you can also extract the package manually.

5. Uninstallation:

– again I suggest using MO or NMM or you can remove the .esp file and mod’s folders

6. Terms of use:

– You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission.
– You have to ask me first if you want to use any part of this mod in your own such as follower mod, mashup mod, etc.
– You have to ask me first if you want to convert the outfit to other bodies.
– You have to ask me first if you want to recolor/retexture the outfit.
– You are not allowed to publicily share any your modification of this mod, private sharing is allowed.
– You are not allowed to convert this outfit to other games.

If you have any questions please ask.

7. Special thanks and credits:

To Nylh for the beautiful original real outfit design.
To Kalilies for letting me use her hairstyle with the mod and for all the help.
To Ashara I learned a lot looking at her mods.
To tinaask24 for some very essential help with this mod and being the most active and supporting Patron of all 🙂
To AlterNative for being a supportive Patron and for doing the wonderful Karlov Manor Mod which is a perfect playground for modders and screenarchers.
To all my current “Habsburg” Patrons: Aikas, Alter Native, ArchMageLilith, Hoang Duc Minh, Michael Stovall, Rae Emm, Rianvo, Sforza666, TheDaedricDoll, Tinaa Slobodnik, Y.M.

8. Community thanks:

BlackMaid, Ista3, polingc, lesjones, klaxoid, ShmooZ, Corfus, Misslexi, Roksa, ajhardy, Zerofrost, Nataly1q2w3e4r5t, Beba, gurleygirl, dianka33, DonProtein, antistar, Bison1967, ArchMageLilithianna, Sparrowjuice, ShinglesCat, anaphiel, FastBlackCat, Excellentium, Kayol, Kalilies, Pandorable, RaenielCuthalion, popkorn666, sorca97, Artsick, Dovahkiinathay, serkethetyt, and so on… 🙂

I’m always grateful for supporting and inspiring me all the time.

Credits: kozakowy
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