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Less boring loading screen

This mod is an immersive replacer of the vanilla loading screen, with awesome arts (140 in total), lore envolving the world of skyrim, fun-facts that you may or not know and some tips if you are a new player, i’m not the creator of any of the artworks, i just spend some time trying to create a less boring loading screen, hope you enjoy it!

This mod doesn’t contain any scripts, you don’t need to be scared of the size of it either (no performance loss), i tried to mantain the maximum amount of quality possible regarding textures. Should be compatible with everything.

You can use this mods: Paramount – FPS Galore for Oldrim or No Menu and Loading Smoke , to remove the smoke on screen, but that’s up to you, not mandatory.

If you wish to translate this mod, fell free to translate, no need to ask me for permition.

New loading screen with 140 high quality artworks and new messages on screen. Optional file with no messages (but depending on your loading screen time, vanilla messages may appear) No scripts. No perfomance loss.

Vanilla skyrim or legendary edition. 16:9 aspect ratio (unfortunately i can’t test in another aspect ratio, but you can try)

None at the moment

:: TOOLS::
Easy Loading Screen Generator by Jampion (this mod was only possible because of him)
Photoshop, to resize some images and remove noise

Credits: VendrickTheHollow
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