Make All The Things – A Comprehensive Skyrim Crafting Mod

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Make All The Things – A Comprehensive Skyrim Crafting Mod

Adds over 500 crafting recipes for vanilla/DG/DB/HF items, including Clothing, Clutter, Scrolls, Circlets, Beverages, Pottery, Specialty Weapons & Armor, Foods, and much more. Each added recipe features conditions that must be met for it to be to be visible in crafting menus (usually at least one of the primary ingredients in your inventory).


Make All The Things is a comprehensive crafting mod that adds over 500 crafting recipes to native Skyrim/Dawnguard/Heatherfire/Dragonborn items that were hitherto without them. Examples include Clothing (robes and tunics, boots, gloves, hats and hoods, etc.), Clutter and Decorative Items (dishware, pots and pans, tools, bug jars, and much more), Circlets, Spell Scrolls (including the 20+ scrolls that do not appear in unmodded Skyrim because they’re not included in level lists), Drinks and Food (including most non-unique beverages, as well as foods that have no recipes like cheeses, grilled leaks, crème treats, etc.), Specialty NON-ENCHANTED Weapons and Armor (including faction-specific gear), and much more. You’ll even find several recipes for items that are included in the game files but are otherwise unavailable.

This mod DOES NOT include recipes for unique items, daedric artifacts, enchanted items (with only a few exceptions), quest items in instances where the ability to craft such items would trivialize the quest (again, with only a few exceptions), potions (excluding a few beverages that are labelled as potions), or books (although books may be included at a later date if there is demand for them, with the understanding that there are as many books in the game as there are recipes added by this mod, so that would take some time). Thieves’ Guild trophies ARE included, but the item you must possess in your inventory to unlock them (Guilde Master’s Hood) is only available to you AFTER you have gone through the entire Thieves Guild questline).

In order to prevent “crafting menu clutter,” each recipe added by his mod has specific conditions that must be met for it to show up (similar in nature to how vanilla recipes for leather don’t appear unless you have specific animal pelts in your inventory). Generally, this condition is limited to nothing more than having at least one of an item’s primary ingredient in your inventory (for example, possessing one clay in your inventory unlocks pottery recipes at the oven crafting station, one iron ingot unlocks basic iron clutter recipes, one mountain flower in your inventory unlocks a linen wrap recipe (do a Google search for “flax” and you’ll see why I chose mountain flowers), one glass unlocks glassware items at the smelter, one straw unlocks baskets at the tanning rack, one linen wrap unlocks most cloth clothing at the tanning rack, one leather unlocks boots/gloves/certain headware at the tanning rack, one deer pelt unlocks fur armor at the forge, one firewood unlocks a recipe for charcoal at the smelter, etc.).

However, specialty gear like faction-specific weapons and armor may have additional requirements such as a specific smithing perk, or a faction-specific item in your inventory (examples include Potion of Blood for vampire-themed gear and items, the book “The Rise and Fall of the Blades” for Blades gear, or the key/deed to a specific player home in order to craft your homeland’s guard armor/helmet/shield), and there are also some items that require a specific crafting station (i.e. the forge in Fort Dawnguard for DG items, and the Skyforge for Wolf and Ancient Nord gear) (SPOILER ALERT: a list of such requirements can be found at the very bottom of the description).

Most of the mundane items’ recipe viewing requirements are common sense, but if you get stuck simply ask yourself “What would this item actually be made from, and does that material exist in the game?” If all else fails, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Make All The Things was created with the core game/DLCs in mind, but it also complements survival/immersion/roleplay mods quite well. All efforts have been made to maintain balance and prevent items from becoming craftable before they should be (for example, most Dragonborn items’ recipes require at least one ingredient that is only available on Solstheim), and care has been taken to ensure that if an item has a high resale value it also has comparably pricy ingredients, so as not to trivialize Smithing leveling progression. Please note, this mod DOES NOT add tempering recipes to armor and weapons that were not given any in the base game, nor does it make any changes to item stats, weights or values.


Make All The Things requires Skyrim and all its DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn), or Skyrim Legendary Edition). There are no additional requirements.


Make All The Things doesn’t change any vanilla/DLC records, nor does it add any new items to the game database or make any changes to worldspaces or cells. It simply adds new crafting recipes that should stack alongside any other new crafting recipes added by any other mod. As such, this mod SHOULD be compatible with everything, so long as other mods don’t change form ID numbers of ingame items, or delete them outright. There may be, however, duplicate recipes for the same items, and patch mods/extensive overhaul mods might make some recipes from this mod seem illogical and/or trivial/impossible. At the very worst, you might end up with recipes from this mod that never appear or cannot be crafted, but only under extraordinary circumstances, and certainly nothing game-breaking.


Either install with Vortex, or download manually, unzip and place the ESP file in your Skyrim/Data folder. To uninstall, simply disable/uninstall in Vortex, or delete the Make All The Things ESP file (or move it to another folder). It’s considered good practice to not install/uninstall mods in the middle of a playthrough, but because this mod does not make any changes to the game’s core files (it only adds “constructible object” records that are linked to existing ingame items), it should be fine to do so.

Load Order

Again, because Make All The Things only adds new records that usually cannot overwrite or be overwritten by anything else, load order shouldn’t matter.


The developers of TES5EDIT
The administrators of and various Elder Scrolls/Skyrim wikis
The Skyrim modding community

This mod is free in perpetuity, and uploading it to other websites for monetary gain is strictly prohibited. That said, I give full permission for others to utilize this mod in their own mods with any changes/additions/omissions they see fit, so long as proper credit is given and no attempts are made to profit from this work.

Make All The Things was made ENTIRELY with TES5EDIT. I hope you enjoy it.

SPOILER ALERT: Make All The Things Crafting “Unlock” Requirements (STOP READING NOW IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER THESE ON YOUR OWN!!!!). Remember, these are NOT the Recipes, but rather what’s required to see them in crafting menus. This list is not exhaustive, and recipes whose primary ingredient is basic common sense are not included.

Bug Jars (smelter): must have the specific “bugs” i.e. alchemical ingredients in inventory. Hint: Moths and Butterflies have 2 wings.

Roll of Paper (tanning rack): firewood in inventory.

Inkwell (smelter): glass in inventory.

Dwemer Dishware (forge and oven): Must possess the Dwarven Smithing perk for smithed dwemer items. Dwarven metal ingot in inventory.

Dibella Statues (smelter): Gold ingot in inventory.

Quill (tanning rack): Any type of “feathers” in inventory.

Thieves Guild trophies (including representations of objects you’re asked to pilfer; Note: not all of these are included in this mod, because some of them are either unique (Crown of Barenziah) or are not “craftable” (Eyes of Falmer): Must have Guildmaster’s Hood in inventory (but it does not have to be equipped). These are crafted at the appropriate stations.

Skooma (cooking pot): Must have Guildmaster’s Hood in inventory (I almost didn’t include this at all because drugs are bad mmkay, but there you go).

Forsworn Armor and Weapons (forge): Must have a Briar Heart in inventory.

Fur Armor (forge): Must have a deer pelt in inventory (note: both types of deer hides can be “converted” to deer pelts at the tanning rack at a 1/1 ratio).

Vampire Armor (forge): Must have a Potion of Blood in inventory (only available inside Castle Volikhar and also given as quest rewards from vampires), and must also have the Advanced Armors perk. This also unlocks a few spooky clutter items such as bloody silverware and torture tools.

Elven Light Armor (forge): Must possess the Interrogation Chamber Key (from the Thalmor Embassy) and have the Elven Armor perk.

Dawnguard Armor and Weapons (forge inside Fort Dawnguard): Must possess the Advanced Armors perk.

Ancient Nord Weapons (Skyforge in Whiterun): Must have Rahgot’s Mask in inventory as well as the Steel Smithing perk.

Honed Ancient Nord Weapons (Skyforge in Whiterun): Must have Raghot’s Mask in inventory as well as the Dwarven Smithing Perk.

Blades Armor and Sword: Must have the book “The Rise and Fall of the Blades” in inventory and have the Steel smithing perk.

Wolf Armor (Skyforge in Whiterun): Must have the Shield of Ysgrammor (found at the end of the Companions quest line) in inventory and possess the Steel Smithing perk.

Worn Shrouded Armor (forge): Must have the Katariah Master Key (found at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline) in inventory.

Falmer Armor and weapons (forge): Must have a chaurus chitin in inventory, as well as the Advanced Armors perk.

Ancient Falmer Armor (forge): Must have Auriel’s Shield in inventory.

Falmer Hardened Armor (forge): Must have chaurus chitin and chaurus eggs in inventory, and must possess the Advanced Armors perk.

Falmer Heavy Armor (forge): Must have chaurus chiting, chaurus eggs and falmer ear in inventory, and must possess the Advanced Armors perk.

Hold Guards Armor/Helmet/Shields (forge): Must possess the key or deed to native game player holds (for example, to craft Whiterun Guard Armor, you must have the Key to Breezehome in your inventory. For Falkreath you must have the deed to Lakeview Manor, and so on). The Key to Hjerm allows you to craft Stormcloak Guard gear (but not Stormcloak Officer armor, see below).

Imperial sword/bow/studded leather/centurion helmet/officer’s helmet (forge): Must possess the Steel smithing perk.

Penitus Oculatus set (forge): Must have Ulfric’s Bracers in inventory and possess the Steel Smithing perk.

Stormcloak Officer set (forge): Must have General Tullius’s Armor in inventory and the Steel Smithing perk.

Cultist’s set (minus the Robe, which is not craftable) (forge/tanning rack): Must have Chitin Plate in inventory.

Morag Tong Set (forge): Must have the Key to Severin Manor in inventory as well as Advanced Armors perk.

Skaal Set (forge): Must have Netch Leather in inventory.

Silver Sword/Greatsword (forge): Must have silver ingot in inventory, as well as the Steel smithing perk.

Headsman’s Axe (forge): Must possess the Sweep perk from the Two Handed skill tree.

Unenchanted Staves (tanning rack): Require a filled Grand Soul Gem in inventory.

Moth Priest Set (minus the blindfold, which cannot be equipped) (tanning rack): Must have the Akavari Sword in inventory.

Bone Hawk Ring (forge): Must have Bonehawk Claw in inventory.

Circlets (forge): Must have the appropriate gem in inventory (note: a couple of the circlets use Moonstone Ingots or Ebony Ingots instead of gems. Hint: Ebony, Jade = Malachite).

Mythic Dawn set (minus Robe) (tanning rack): Must have deathbell in inventory.

Wedding Clothes Set (tanning rack): Must have Amulet of Mara in inventory.

Emperor’s Robes (tanning rack): Must have Katariah Master Key in inventory.

Vaermina Robe (tanning rack): Must have deathbell in inventory.

Psiijic Set (which includes Robes) (tanning rack): Must have the Key to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters in inventory.

Skaal Villager Robes (tanning rack): Must have Netch Leather in inventory.

Noble Clothes (tanning rack): various, usually “posh” items like gold ingot, snow fox pelt, sabrecat pelt, etc.)

Redguard Cuirass (tanning rack): Must have a scimitar in inventory.

Spell Scrolls (tanning rack): Must have a quill in inventory, and must be able to cast the spell itself (Note: also requires a FILLED soul gem relative to the strength of the parent spell).

Credits: GammaThreve
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