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No Map – Disables Map


Disables ways to open the map.
I was surprised that I couldn’t find a single mod that disables the map, so I made this mod mainly because I needed it for personal use.
I think the map spoils the adventure part of Skyrim because you always know where you are by having a glimpse at the map and thus can’t get lost in it, luckily this mod makes it possible that you can just wander around getting lost in the adventure.
With this mod your navigation and memory skills become vital for maneuvering through the world and getting where you want, because you can no longer cheat with a press of a button (the signposts along the roads will come in real handy).

Basic Skyrim scripting doesn’t allow disabling the map and nor does SKSE, the map system seems to be hardcoded into the game.
The way this mod works is that it first of all disables the map hud element in the character menu (Tab), then when you press the ‘quick map’ key it immediately closes the map and prevents you from accessing it (lefting you with only a flash of black screen).


SKSE (latest version)


Should be compatible with almost every mod, as long as they don’t change the character menu HUD or hijack the map keys for some reason.

Known Issues

The game might crash occasionally if you quickly and repeatedly press the ‘quick map’ key (M) in some bigger areas, but this shouldn’t be a problem at all because why would you be doing that in the first place? 😉

Credits: Hugimugi7
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