Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reloading

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Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reloading

The year is 2019. It is a time of great innovation and proper crossbow reloading!
Don’t tell me you never asked for this…


This mod will change how crossbow reloading works in Skyrim.
No longer you will be forced to automatically reload after each shot, and no longer your crossbow will reload itself when you put it away mid-reload, now it’s you who decide when it’s time to pull the string.
Also includes auto-reload option if the only thing you want is anti-exploit mechanics.

Differences from other manual crossbow reload mods:
• Doesn’t require SKSE.
• Fully event-driven with minimal script load.
• Reload key is the same as attack key, gamepad compatible (probably).
• Doesn’t constantly mess with your ammo by equipping/unequipping it after every shot.
• Supports Requiem and will hopefully make crossbows in it more fun and balanced.
• Optional auto-reload (MCM).
• Optional stamina drain during reload (MCM).
• Takes into account bugged player race switching events.
• *Hopefully* Bug-free.


If Requiem support plugin is installed, it will automatically enable stamina drain during reload.
Stamina drain is dependent on crossbow weight and your Marksman skill and implemented as a way to balance (now present) vanilla reload speed, because there’s no easy way to slow down actual reload animation, but hey, slow reload was super glitchy and annoying af anyway.

Now, with added stamina drain and removed ability to reload crossbow by holstering or switching to another weapon, hopefully crossbows will be not only balanced, but also fun to use, something Requiem crossbows were previously lacking.

Rapid Reload perk was renamed to Reload Practice and now additionally decreases reload stamina drain by 30%.

It’s also worth mentioning that this mod mostly operates by detecting and enforcing animation events, not by equipping and unequipping your current ammo, so this means that “the last shot bug” will not be present and your silver bolts will do a proper damage against undead!


To install simply copy esp and Scripts folder in [game folder]\Data and enable esp file in game options.
Meshes folder actually optional but recommended, since it fixes some vanilla bugs with dwarven xbow reload animations (no sound in 3rd person with quick shot perk and incorrect 1st person sneak reload animation), you can skip installing meshes if you use interfering animation mod.

If you are using Requiem, you must install additional patch from downloads page, otherwise heavy and light crossbows will have same reload speed and Rapid Reload perk will do nothing.
Patch is built on 1.9.4 version, but should be compatible with 2.x/3.x and most likely will remain compatible with future versions.

Do it backwards to uninstall, but make sure to only delete this mod’s files from Scripts and Meshes folders.
If you’re removing this mod’s files on existing save, it may be good idea to type “stopquest hznecrquest” in console and save in a new slot before removal.

This mod changes very few vanilla records and files and does most of its changes by a script so it should be pretty compatible with anything.

Obviously incompatible with other manual crossbow reloading mods.
Probably incompatible with “multishot” crossbow mods.
May be incompatible with some weapon animation mods if they change key events (unlikely).

Load order: not very important, but better place it after sound overhauls and mods that change CK animation records.
If you’re experiencing problems, try to move NECR lower.


aitch-zed (former HeroinZero)

You can use this mod or parts of it for whatever you want as long as you’re not selling it and as long as you credit me in a readme.

Credits: aitch-zed
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