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NPC Appearance Changer

Allows you to change the appearance of NPCs in-game, via saved presets and RaceMenu.

Apply presets to NPCs to change their appearance. This is already possible with RaceMenu, but the changes are lost when you restart the game.
This mod aims to fix that. This mod is a quick port of the SSE version, as I don’t play LE anymore.

To save a preset of your character, open the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), and find RaceMenu Preset Loader:
Click on Save player preset, and enter the name (no spaces or fancy characters) of your new preset. E.g. PresetName

This will save the player as a preset to “Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Exported/PresetName.jslot” via RaceMenu.

Now find the NPC you wish to change and aim at them.

Open the MCM, find RaceMenu Preset Loader.
Click on Preset and select your desired preset. E.g. PresetName.
Click Apply preset to NPC.
Exit the menu.

If it was a success, make sure to manually save the game. If something went wrong, click remove preset from NPC, exit the game and load a save-file prior to the applying of the preset.

Having too many NPCs with this applied may significantly reduce performance.

Make sure the NPC isn’t temporary/templated (such as generic bandits, mages etc.).
Make sure the gender and race matches between the NPC and the preset.
Presets from other sources most likely won’t work. Make sure you export your preset via the MCM.

Blue face bug: Be sure to save the preset via the console or MCM, as presets exported from RaceMenu or other sources can apparently cause the blue face bug.
Some users have reported issues with overlays and warpaints.
It can also happen when you remove a preset from a NPC. It should work fine on a new game, or a save prior to the applying of the preset.

Purple/blue player body: Open the racemenu and go to the body paint section.
Set the colors alpha to 0 (fully transparent) on unused overlays.

The data is stored in “Data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/RPL/rpl_Morphs.json”, and will be read when the player loads the game.
You can manually change the presets and add/remove NPCs in the .json-file, if something goes wrong.
If you’re using MO2, right-click on this mod and select Open in Explorer and navigate to SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/RPL/

Nothing is happening:
Make sure you have the latest version of RaceMenu.

UPGRADING (json version):
If you’re upgrading, be sure to backup your json, and overwrite the new json-file with your backup, if you want to preserve your presets.
The file is located at: “ThisMOD/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtil/RPL/rpl_Morphs.json”


Be on the lookout for conflicts with PapyrusUtil. When in doubt, load PapyrusUtil last.

Campfire – Complete Camping System: Users have suggested that the Campfire mod takes priority over PapyrusUtil. Campfire comes with its own version of PapyrusUtil, which will most likely be outdated and conflict.

All credit to expired6978, for the functionality.

Credits: JesperGunde
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13 Responses

  1. Don says:

    Recently, i had to redo my entire set up. your mod was HUGE for my immersion. How do i download this? every time i clock the only download link on this page, im redirected to some ad spam

    • kastis1989 says:

      What? You redirected on file sharing platform. Press couple mote time on download button and thats it. No popup ads, nothing.

  2. dulipat says:

    in MO2 is said that it has “Form 43 (or lower) plugin detected), can I still use it in SSE?

  3. Kanjuro says:

    In the mcm menu, the preset that I have won’t show up? any help?

  4. Weak1ings says:

    The Nexus version is gone, do you have a SSE version? Did it have any requirements? My earlier play-throughs with this mod were pretty stable and it saddens me he removed it before I realized it.

  5. ColdShade says:

    Hello i really enjoy this mod everything work fine. But when it comes to have a preset whit hdt hair The hair just go Flying around the world when you apply the preset to the npc. this is sad ๐Ÿ™ but i still like it ! but tell me if theres a fix to that. pls i have try to reload my game save ect but nothing work.

  6. Andy says:

    I ran into a problem. It seems to work fine on NPCs, but when I reload a save or enter a new cell, the player character’s face gets smoothed out and distorted, as if racemenu geom sculpting wasn’t loaded. Loading a preset identical to the PC’s preset from the MCM menu doesn’t fix it, only loading one from racemenu does. This only happens in saves where characters have been changed by the mod.

  7. Nelson R. Perona says:

    I really love this mod. Have been using it since I found it. For several NPCs, I use this instead of downloading/installing other remakes. However, with the Anniversary Edition, I can’t use it currently since it has dependence on SKSE plugin/s which isn’t available yet even with the SKSE AE. Is there any hope or chance that this may be updated/modified to cater to the Anniversary Edition? I would truly love using this again. . ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sadnis says:

    Bro please, This mod is NOT working right now and wont save presets. The only other option is Project Proteus which is incompetent at actually loading presets on npcs properly right now. I just want to have followers that look the way I want them to man ;.;

  9. Fingy says:

    Will there ever be any sort of update to this mod? I believe the AE update broke its preset save system. RaceMenu did a similar thing before being updated so im assuming thats what it wrong.

  10. Matthew says:

    Is this compatible with the current update of 1.6.629?

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