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Revenge Of the Enemies 2016

A mod completely improves the AI or skills of most enemies in skyrim and gives you an even more intense experience.And this mod is NO SCRIPTS.

If you’re tired of the boring battle of the original game, the mod will be your best choice.
It changed the way of the enemy fights, improved the enemy’s AI, strengthened the enemy’s cooperation, and gave the enemy new skills.
This mod is almost no script, and you don’t have to worry about CTDs caused by script errors.
The mod has been tested hundreds of times, it also has a good balance while strengthening the game’s difficulty.
Amazing, isn’t it?
Please try “revenge of the enemies 2016” and get a new game experience.

Enemies become much more intelligent.
Different kinds of enemies use different skills and power.

Different places will have unique special elite enemies.
It should be surprise to you guys.

The bosses of original game sxxk because most of them are indistinguishable from common enemies.
This mod remakes bosses.
60+ bosses with their own unique characteristics are waiting for you.

Most of the enemies are related to your level and their abilities are dynamic.
It is difficult to appear “One Shot” now.
And different enemies have different level cap.
You don’t worry that the game is too hard or too easy to you.


If you are a long-time player of this mod, please check this column and it will tell the difference between Rote 1.95 and Rote 2016.
Vampire’s silver weapon is removed
Some enemies’ attack speed is amended.
Some spells are amended.
Enemies’ cast time become longer.
Most enemies’ level become dynamic.
Most enemies’ damage become dynamic.
Almost half enemies’ skills have been changed.
Add new type of enemies.
Add new bosses.

And A NEW GAME is recommend for you.

Special thanks to BigHeaded and Brodual.
Notice: It’s just an old review of the mod.

And it’s the new features in Revenge of the Enemies 2016:

About Common Enemies and Common Bosses

New type of Draugr is added; New type of Draugr Boss is added.
All Draugr is related to player’s level; Some of Draugr’s perks become dynamic.

New type of Skeleton is added; New type of Skeleton Boss is added.
Skeleton is related to player’s level; Some of Skeleton’s perks become dynamic.

All warlocks’ Ai is changed; Warlock boss’s Ai is changed.
New type of Warlock is added.
All Warlocks are related to player’s level; Some of Warlock’s perks become dynamic.

Falmer boss’s Ai is changed.
New type of Falmer Boss is added.New type of Falmer is added.
All Falmers are related to player’s level; Some of Falmer’s perks become dynamic.

Spider boss’s Ai is changed. Spider’s Ai is changed.
New type of Spider Boss is added.New type of Spider is added.
All Spiders are related to player’s level; Some of Spider’s perks become dynamic.

All Bandits are related to player’s level; Some of Bandit’s perks become dynamic.

7.Dragon Priest
All Dragon Priests’ Ai is changed.
All Dragon Priests are related to player’s level; Some of Dragon Priest’s perks become dynamic.

All Wispmothers are related to player’s level; Some of Wispmother’s perks become dynamic.

9.Dwarven machines
Dwarven machine’s Ai is changed.
New type of Dwarven machine Boss is added.New type of Dwarven machine is added.
All Dwarven machiness are related to player’s level; Some of Dwarven machines’s perks become dynamic.

10.Chaurus and Chaurus Hunter
All types of Chaurus are related to player’s level; Some of Chaurus’ perks become dynamic.

Spriggans are related to player’s level; Some of Spriggan’ perks become dynamic.

12.Ash Spawn
New type of Ash Spawn Boss is added.
All Ash Spawns are related to player’s level; Some of Ash Spawn’s perks become dynamic.

New type of Atronach(Enemies) Boss is added.
All Atronachs(Enemies) are related to player’s level; Some of Atronach(Enemies)’s perks become dynamic.

New type of Ghost is added.
All Ghosts are related to player’s level; Some of Ghost’s perks become dynamic.

All Reavers are related to player’s level; Some of Reaver’s perks become dynamic.

New type of Gargoyle Boss is added.
All Gargoyles are related to player’s level; Some of Gargoyle’s perks become dynamic.

New type of Daedra(Enemies) Boss is added.
All Daedras(Enemies) are related to player’s level; Some of Daedra(Enemies)’s perks become dynamic.

18.Ice Wraith
New type of Ice Wraith is added.
Some Ice Wraiths are related to player’s level; Some of Ice Wraith ‘s perks become dynamic.

New type of Hagraven Boss is added.
Some Hagravens are related to player’s level; Some of Hagraven ‘s perks become dynamic.

Forsworn’s Ai is changed. Forsworn Boss’s Ai is changed.
New type of Forsworn Boss is added.New type of Forsworn is added.
Forsworns are related to player’s level; Some of Forsworn ‘s perks become dynamic.

21.Magic Anomaly
Magic Anomaly is related to player’s level; Some of Magic Anomaly ‘s perks become dynamic.

22.Other NPC(Enemies)
Most NPCs(Enemies) are related to player’s level; Some of NPC(Enemies)’s perks become dynamic.

About Unique Boss:
Add Ai and skills to unique boss, and following is a list.

Temple of Mirrak Boss;
Death Brand Boss;
Ahzidal ;
Vahlok the Jailor;
Tel Mithryn;
General Falx Carius ;
Nchardak Boss;

Lord Harkon;
Gargoyle Boss(Ancestor Glade);
Falmer Boss(Forgotten Vale Forest)

Chillwind Depths Bosses;
Forsaken Cave Boss;
Halldir’s Cairn Bosses;
Hob’s Fall Cave Boss;
Movarth’s Lair Boss;
Rebel’s Cairn Boss;
Shadowgreen Cavern Boss;
Shimmermist Cave Boss;
Southfringe Sanctum Boss;
Sunderstone Gorge Boss;
Swindler’s Den Boss;
Mzulft Boss;
Bthardamz Boss;
Bloodlet Throne Boss;
Broken Tower Redoubt Boss;
Darklight Tower Boss;
Faldar’s Tooth Boss;
Harmugstahl Boss;
Nightcaller Temple Boss;
Ansilvund Boss;
Dead Men’s Respite Boss;
Folgunthur Boss;
Geirmund’s Hall boss;
Hag’s End Boss;
All Labyrinthian Bosses;
Saarthal Boss;
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon Boss;
Ustengrav Boss;
Volunruud Boss;
Azura’s Star Boss;
Wolf Queen Boss;
Ebony Warrior
And All Dragon Priests.

And you will find more details in the game.

It’s compatible with almost all combat mods, such as ultimate combat, deadly combat, combat evolved.
It’s compatible with mods which modify perks, such as sperg, ordinator, perma, and so on.
It could overwrites mods modify enemies and leveled lists. You can load “revenge of the enemies” after them or make Bashed Patch.

Credits: MyEvergreenHometown
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