Sepfric ENB (enderal compatible)

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Sepfric ENB (enderal compatible)

enb preset for vanilla skyrim le and enderal:forgotten story

What’s new:

Fix some mistake, and introduce more
Add a simple white balance, can be disabled in in-game menu
Add some new tonemap operator, and some new lut. Disable lut, and set tonemap index to 4, if one don’t like too much saturation
By default use only one lut for the sake of performance. If one want a lot of luts in one set, just like previous version, check enbsettings.txt in enbseries folder.
Leave a comment, if one have any question.


This ENB preset is intended to use with “Sepfric.esp”/ “SepfricEnderal.esp” and SkyrimReloaded.
“Sepfric.esp” or “SepfricEnderal.esp” only modifies vanilla weather, either can be merged into bash patch.
But one can always try to use their favor weather mod.

Hardware Requirements:
750ti or above

How to install:
1. use Mod Organizer to install Sepfric.esp (or SepfricEnderal.esp for enderal:fs);
2. use Mod Organizer to install SkyrimReloaded;
3. use Mod Organizer to install my SkyrimReloaded preset;
4. extract my ENB preset to root folder of the game;
5. extract ENB binaries(d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe) to root folder of the game;
6. edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini or EnderalPrefs.ini:


7. edit manually following lines in file enblocal.ini:

;(if u set “UseOSAllocators=1” in crash fixes, u must set this to false)

;(set this according to ur hardware)

Tips: can choose a different LUT in ENB in-game menu(shift+backspace) enable some post effects enable DOF
4. edit manually following lines in file skyrim.ini or enderal.ini, can improve fps a little bit:


5.recommend to disable OneTweak when you play enderal “O” to enable SkyrimReloaded in-game menu, press “F11” to capture an ui-free screenshot.

7.type following line in console to enable/disable SR custom effects(only Perfect Perspective for now):

bat “Sepfric.txt”
bat “SepfricDisable.txt”

*Enderal:Forgotten Story
*Mod Organizer2

Tools used:
NVIDIA FX Composer

Boris Vorontsov (ENBSeries)
Alexander Blade(ENBHelper)
Alenet (Skyrim Reloaded)
T.A.Z (T.A.Z Lighting)
MyGoodEye and Gopher (imaginator)
kingeric1992 (3DLUT, AGCC code)
Visitant (enbpalette texture)
Christoph Peters(free blue noise texture)
Jacob Maximilian Fober (Filmic Sharpen, Perfect Perspective)
luluco250 (Light Depth of Field)
haasn, JPulowski(Deband shader)
THE SANDVICH MAKER (effect.txt FXAA code, Frostbyte style tonemap color processing code, colorlab code)
scegielski (Enhanced ENB Diagnostics, nighteye code)

The following is credits of ULTIMATE SHADER ADDON for ENB 1.1
Based on Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB by ZeroKing
Initial D-N-I separation code and GUI implementation by –JawZ–
Kinematic Filter code (formerly known as Old Black-White TV Filter) originally by Boris Vorontsov
Kinematic Filter code tweaked by Trillville, Midhras, Kyokushinoyama, Insomnia
LumaSharpen code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing, tweaked by prod80
Blur, Sharpening, Color Shift, Vignette code by Boris Vorontsov
Contrast and Vibrance code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing
Noise code by MTichenor/IndigoNeko
Dithering, Border, Splitscreen code by, ported from SweetFX by Marty McFly
Letterbox code by Matso
Combined, edited, tweaked and arranged by Miratheus

Credits: cOJzZ
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