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Stalhrim Bikini

With this spicy little bikini number, you can now star, direct, and produce in your own risque rendition of “Alduin on Ice”!

Greetings! Here to add some icy curves to your bikini armory is the Stalhrim Bikini Armor set. Concocted once more by yours truly with the ever vain hope of once again grabbing NiseTanaka’s (the OG creator of the bikini armors) attention, because as the the saying goes; at first you don’t succeed, you try, try, and try again.

…and try again I will thank you very much!
Plus nabbing some bottomless tributes wouldn’t hurt either.

The bikini set includes over 45 new pieces of craftable, enchantable, gear, and just like the vanilla stalhrim armors, are also available in light and heavy flavors. Yum!

The book for the armor can be found inside a lopsided barrel laying next to a smelter in Skaal Village’s forge area.

Along with owning the book on your person you need to complete the “A New Source of Stalhrim” quest along with having “Eboby Smithing” perk (just like how vanilla Stalhrim pieces are forged).

A legit copy of the base game
Dragonborn DLC
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
HDT Physics

NetImmerse Override
(for heel effect)

Like the bikinis mods of old, this WILL conflict with mods like “Devious Devices” or “Dual Sheath Redux”.
For any SOS users, please enable the “Revealing Option” in the SOS MCM menu.
For any who use Devious Devices, please use the “Device Hider”” option in the mod’s MCM menu.

Qu and Ah
Q. You actually made ANOTHER one to get Nise-kun’s attention?!
Yep! I’m not giving.
Plus making these are actually kinda fun now.

Q. I have to have the book AND complete a quest to craft this bikini? Why so many hoops?
A. Because game-play wise I like to keep things consistent. It would be kinda weird to me if you knew how to craft a bikini made of stalhrim and not the actual vanilla stalhrim armor.
…yeah I know I’m weird like that.

Q. Still won’t add this to Tawoba?
While I personally find this to my best work yet, I still don’t think it belongs in Tawoba. If I end up with more of these mods made, I might just make my own all-in-one collection mod like Nise-Kun did. No promises though.

Q. Let me get this straight as I’m not clear on this, is this a light armor mod or heavy armor mod?
A. Yes

Q. For such a lewd armor mod, your motivations behind them are strangely
A. Not question but yeah. I think that’s funny too.

Q. You’re still shameless though.
A. …and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Nisetanaka who continues to inspire me to persue my own bikini creations. I hope to speak to ya soon buddy.
Caliente for the always excellent CBBE body mod and Outfit Studio.
Those fine peeps who made UUNP a thing.
Bethesda for… I’m mean you already know right? lol
The Senile Scribbles for the best punchline ever.

Credits: Kofman77
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